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How many of us only watch a YouTube video if it is less than 5 minutes long?

Shorter the better right? Why? Because then we know they will get to the most relevant point or teach us the “how-to” faster?

How many of us stop watching within 5 seconds if…

Are we addicted to an institution we have proven in the past year is not necessary to encourage productivity, creativity, and happiness?


I am hearing from more and more people that they are getting pushback against working remotely, with additional pressure to get back to the office — but why?

❓ To justify the cost for corporates paying for the office space

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“What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” — Dwight Eisenhower

This past few months I have felt the impact of the move from lockdown to a fully immersed social and professional life once more. …

Pretty Woman — Touchstone Pictures

Men can be insecure. Women can be insecure. It takes guts to go up to someone you are interested in and ask them out. I respect that initiative immensely.

heck, we have all been hurt, cheated on, and there is always a moment in life where we consequently dislike whichever…

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Often when my team and I speak about artificial intelligence (“AI”) people respond in one of two ways — or both! They are either fascinated by the impact we have yet to experience or scared of AI and the threat it poses to the future.

The question that we are…

“Step by Step “— Missing Link Course

A recent article in HBR titled “4 Pieces of Career Advice It’s Okay to Ignore” really triggered some thoughts from my career coaching experience, primarily about what that means to younger generations that are trying to enter the job market or those that lost their jobs this year.

In summary…

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